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Dermocosmetics Natural Skin Care Products, made from Mexican plants and fruits, whose innovative formulation penetrates the skin layers to biochemically enhance skin nutrients, with excellent results.

Phyitocosmetics products for the face and body with innovative treatments Regenerating, Firming, Nutrients, Cellulite Reducing, Lipolytic shaping, Exfoliating for all skin types, made from Agave, Tepezcohuite, Coffee, Pineapple, Tlachalagua, Cocolmeca, Green chili, sugarcane, avocado, and others.


A mix of natural active ingredients that uses the skin care properties of these two Mexican plants.

Agave extract is obtained from the pulp of the mescal maguey before this is fermented, meaning it is alcohol-free. Its active ingredients are easily assimilated to form the base liquid that is rich in nutrients and has a low molecular weight to penetrate the cell membranes improving mitosis, to rejuvenate, firm, moisturize, and modify the skin layers. On being rich in natural vitamins A, B & C, glucids, carotenoid proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals such as potassium and sodium, the Agave is considered an anti-aging product that nourishes the fibroblast to improve the formation ofcollagen fibers and elastin.

Tepezcohuite is an extract obtained from this plant (mimosa teuniflora) from which we obtain minerals, phenolic acids, flavonoids, tannins, and terpenoids. Its cosmetic properties include scar healing, anti-free radicals, regenerating, and firming. It acts at the cell level to prolong the active life of cells to improve their correct division.
The Mescal Tepezcohuite treatment is recommended from the age of 25, or for people with prematurely aging, flaccid, dehydrated skin, and who need a rejuvenating balanced, regenerating treatment or who need special care